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Crehos Welcome - understanding and celebrating the credit whore.

Can I Count This? - the ridiculously confusing concept of credits

Calgary Canada - preserving history for the future

Camden Park - historic gem in West Virginia

Coaster Con - it's not just about coasters

Vegas, Baby! - coasting in the land of lost wages


Gone but Not Forgotten

Mega Zeph - let the good times roll


Coasters in the US

Boardwalk Bullet - bayside butt-kicker

Fury 325 - ever felt your cheeks ripple?

Ice Mountain Bobsleds - because sharknado

Iron Shark - not an inch of wasted track

Lightning Rod - the need for speed

Lightning Run - pure insanity

Outlaw Run - the best show in branson

New Revolution - reality is overrated

Schnepf Farms - credit whore: the road trip

Skyrush - looks can be deceiving

Switchback - the little engine that could

The Voyage - you'll be sore, but it's worth it

Wicked Cyclone - wicked pissah!

Wooden Warrior - coasters make life better

X Coaster - somethin' ain't right down in arkansas

X2 - expand your vocabulary


Coasters in Mexico

Bullet - worth the wait

Quimera - fifty shades of schwarzkopf


Coasters in Canada

Coaster at Playland - kickin' it old school

Calgary Canada - preserving history for the future

Mindbender - aptly-named masterpiece

The Pipe - coast down a mountain


Coasters in Africa

Anaconda - south africa's inverted masterpiece