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OK, I've got a ballot. Now what?

The first thing to do is fill out your information. It's mandatory that you put a valid email address in the appropriate place, but all other information is optional here. ElloCoaster will never share your email address with anyone else - it's used only to verify that a ballot comes from a real person. If there's some kind of problem with your ballot, you'll get it back and have a chance to fix it (as long as you can make the Dec 31 deadline.) You'll get a verification that your ballot was received and counted, you'll get notified when the results are up, and you'll get a notice when next year's poll is up and running. That's it. You will NOT get spam, ever. If the email given is not valid, the ballot will be discarded and not tallied. If you choose not to fill out some portions of the voter info, leave the line as-is. 

Poindexter chose to only fill out his name and email.

Poindexter chose to only fill out his name and email.

Just after the voter information section, you'll see this:

This is the absolute easiest part of the whole process. Basically, leave this line alone. Don't delete it, don't change it, don't alter it in any way, because reasons. Without this line, your ballot will get tossed in the garbage. That's the breaks, kid. You were warned.

So here's how the ballot looks:

You've got lines that have asterisks (stars) at the beginning. These are just lines of information that make the ballot easier to read. They separate the ballot into regions to make things easier to find. You can leave them alone, or you can delete them if you want. Doesn’t matter.

Now all you have to do is replace those zeroes with the rankings of the coasters you've ridden. Use only whole numbers (no decimal points!). For any coaster you haven't ridden, just leave the rank as zero. Like this:

You can see that Poindexter has ridden all the wood coasters in Canada (lucky guy!). He considers Wild Beast at Canada's Wonderland as his #1 coaster, followed by the Coaster at PNE Playland which he ranked #2. He's also been on some wood coasters in the US and Mexico.

There are three coasters on this part of the ballot that Poindexter didn't ride. He's simply left those coasters alone and the zero ranking is still showing. The tabulation program will assume that any coaster ranked zero is one that you haven't ridden. 

Have a look at his rankings for Monstre and Montana Rusa. Both of these are coasters that have side-by-side tracks and can be boarded on the left or right side of the station. In the case of Monstre, which has two separate tracks with slightly different layouts, Poindexter has a preference for the left side over the right side and ranks the two tracks accordingly. Mexico's Montana Rusa, however, is another story. The two halves are basically identical and are actually one single track looped around on itself. Poindexter doesn't have a preference for either side, and actually considers the whole thing as a single coaster rather than two separate ones. That's why he ranked both halves the same. Ranking racing/dueling coasters in this way allows YOU to decide whether or not they count as separate rides without jeopardizing the ride's ranking either way.

If your list of coasters is relatively short, then simply going through and replacing those zeroes is the easiest way to go. Some of us have really long lists, though. To make it easier to manage, you might want to delete all those comment lines (the ones that begin with an asterisk) and also delete the lines that contain the coasters you haven't ridden. That way, all you're left with is the coasters you need to rank. Your ballot might look like this:

That certainly makes it easier to scroll up and down to rank your coasters. You can even move each line around and put them in order if you want. It won't affect your ballot in any way, as long as each individual line remains intact. Poindexter's ballot would look like this:

That's all there is to it! When you've got all your coasters ranked the way you want, save the ballot with whatever filename you like and email it to:

Please save the file in the same format you got it in. For example, if you loaded the Microsoft Word version of the ballot, save it as filename.docx - if you used the text version, save as filename.txt - for Pages, use filename.pages - obviously, replacing "filename" with your own filename.

Voting is open from November 1 thru Dec 31 of each year. Results are posted in January.

Still confused? Got a question about a specific thing? Check the FAQ for more info and some examples.