Why does this even exist?

There's a nice, thorough explanation if you click here.

Where do I get a ballot and how do i fill it out?

The ballot and instructions can be yours if you click here.

OH NO! I sent in my ballot, but I made a mistake! Can I fix it?

Of course! As long as you're still before the deadline of Dec 31, you can re-submit your corrected ballot. Simply put REPLACEMENT BALLOT or UPDATED BALLOT or some other such alert in the subject line. Your old ballot will be discarded and replaced with your corrected one before the final results are tallied.

can anyone vote?

Anyone who has ridden at least two coasters listed on the ballot can vote. Technically, you could send in a ballot with only one coaster, but it wouldn't affect the rankings in any way because it wouldn't have any head-to-head matchups. Click here to understand that better.

Are racing coasters counted as one ride or two?

That's entirely up to you. Each half of a racing coaster is listed separately. If you count them as two rides, then rank each one separately. If you count it as a single coaster (or if you have no preference between the two sides), then rank both sides the same. In either case, please rank both sides if you have ridden both.

can i give two or more coasters the same rank?

YES, ties are allowed. There's even a good reason to do that, like for racing coasters (see above) or for group ranking (see below).

some coasters are hybrid. are they on the ballot?

The poll considers a "wood coaster" to be a coaster with a track bed made of wood. Usually, there is a steel rail of some kind on top of the wood stack for the wheels to roll on. Any coaster with this type of wood bed track structure that was operating this year will be on the ballot, regardless of what material the support structure is made of. 

But RMC coasters aren't woodies!

For the purposes of this poll, the "Topper Track" RMC coasters are. The track is a stack of wood with a steel rail on top, just like other wood coasters. The industry considers them to be wood coasters, even though that steel rail is a bit non-traditional. The "Iron Horse" conversion coasters have a track that is completely steel, so they aren't included here, but the RMC woodies are listed. 

NO! I refuse to put an RMC on my wood ballot!

Then simply leave the RMCs as unranked (leave the zero ranking), or delete those lines from your ballot. Easy peasy. Do not put them at the bottom of your rankings as some kind of protest or to 'punish' them. That's just childish and immature, seriously. If you don't want to include them in your wood rankings, then don't rank them. It's that simple.

Wow, once i get past my top 20 or so, this is hard!

Feel free to use group ranking. Ranking your top ten or twenty coasters is usually pretty easy, but after that you're faced with a slew of rides that were likely not as memorable. Rather than toil over it, just bunch them into groups. Let's say that you've got your top 20 ranked in order... after that, there's a group of coasters that you like, but they're all kinda equally good in your mind. You can put them all at #30, then another group at #40 that you like a little less than that other group. Keep going like that until you've ranked all your coasters. It's likely that there's a group of coasters that you really don't like as well. Bunch them up into a group at the bottom, then if there are really awful ones that you despise, you can rank them separately below that.

What format should I save my ballot in?

You can send the file as plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), MS Word (.docx), or Pages (.pages). You can use most any word processor or text editor to do your ballot, as long as it's capable of saving the file in one of those formats. It's always best practice to save your ballot in the same format you received the ballot in, however.